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The first building on Holy Trinity's campus, completed in 1922, was the original Parish Hall, which is today's All Saints' Chapel.

Campaign financial goals and timeline


Exterior               $2 million

Endowment        $1.2 - $1.5 million 
Interior                $500,000- $800,000*
TOTAL                 $4 million  

*this amount depends on recommendations from the Restoration Committee and pricing fluctuations for work planned for Summer 2023.

The Vestry has set this order for the work as funds become available:

  1. fix the leaks as completely as possible

  2. repair the interior damage to plaster and paint

  3. invest at least $1.2 million in the endowment

  4. fund interior restoration recommended and prioritized by the Restoration Committee as remaining funds allow

  5. pay the operating fund back for the SKA engineering drawings and efforts to date



July 1, 2022        Campaign begins
Sept. 1, 2022      Campaign complete
Fall 2022            Exterior work begins
Summer 2023    Interior restoration begins
Fall 2023             Interior restoration complete




As of September 8, we have pledges and gifts totaling a $2,928,018.40. Pledges continue to come in, and although we are no longer publicizing the campaign, we will gratefully accept pledges, which are payable over three years.

progress bar.jpg

Campaign Committee


Sterling Kelly, co-chair
Harriette Knox, co-chair
Jimmy Barber 
Bill Drake


Will DuBose

Tom Duncan

Russ Dunn

Allison Leonard

John McCarty

Dodson Schenck

Tom Stukes

Joe Weatherly

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